Lesson Plan

The CPD on lesson planning by Mr. Majid was very useful for me. His session was well contented with the specification of an ideal lesson plan. They are as follows:
Assessment Tools

The subtopic which caught my attention was Differentiation. I always had the impressions that differentiation is particularly applicable in written work. The examples and the simple activity conducted was truly an eye opener for me. I, now, have a better understanding on how can I cater for differentiation. I have understood that by providing different tools to work with is also considered as differentiation.

Besides that, though I agree that lesson plan is the one of the key documents that is required for teaching, it is not fully applicable to all classrooms. This is simply because each classroon has unique set of children and so very detailed lesson plans will not be very suitable for each class which refers to that particular document. I think a simple explanation, equipped with relevant resources should be more than sufficient for any teacher to conduct the lesson. In addition to that, time is surely a factor. As detailed lesson plan would require ample of time which most teachers are already finding it challenging, it would add to the work load of the teacher.

This is just my personal opinion 🙂


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